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Prostate cancer is very common. About one in ten men will develop it in their lifetime, and because of the use of PSA surveillance and PSA testing (PSA is a blood test) more and more men are now being diagnosed with earlier disease that is confined to the prostate. This is good news for the men but it does give them a problem as there are a number of different treatment options. At Manchester Urology we have experts in prostate cancer that can take them through the different treatments that may be suitable for their prostate cancer.

For some men with low risk, low grade cancer this treatment may simply be observation and a number of men are put on surveillance and they may never come to treatment. For men with more aggressive disease the approach is either with surgery which is removal of the prostate (a radical prostatectomy). This is done in Manchester Urology using the Da Vinci robot or radiotherapy. Patients are assessed and taken down these possible treatment options.
The good news for men is that because the techniques in surgery and radiotherapy are improving the outcomes in terms of return of function are much better than they used to be and most men can expect to go back to normal function and normal activity.