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Imaging of the Prostate has improved significantly over the last 3 years and is now used routinely in the diagnosis and staging of prostate cancer.  Manchester Urology use the latest 3 Tesla MRI machines and Multiparametric techniques to provide the most accurate imaging of the prostate.  These MRI scans are reported by dedicated Uroradiologists with expertise in reporting Prostate MRI.


Detailed information

Until recently MRI of the prostate was limited in its ability to distinguish between different problems. Older less powerful machines did not give adequate definition and standard protocols did not help differentiate between benign and cancerous changes.  
The development of the 3 Tesla machines has enhanced the image quality so that the different tissue planes can be looked at more closely enabling the uroradiologists to stage prostate cancer more effectively.

Advanced protocols and the introduction of contrast have also allowed more accurate differentiation between benign and cancerous changes.  These include the introduction of Dynamic Contrast Enhancement (DCE), ADC Mapping and Diffusion Weighted Imaging (DWI), all of which are available to the Manchester Urology Consultants and Uroradiologists.

The advances in MRI techniques have significantly improved the investigation and management of patients concerned about prostate cancer and this non invasive test is often used before prostate biopsies are considered.




Patient information: what to expect

Following a consultation, PSA blood test and digital rectal examination your Manchester Urology Consultant will advise on whether an MRI scan is indicated.  You will then be referred to one of the centers with  3T Multiparametric MRI capabilities.  Following the scan you will be seen back in the clinic with the result, and the Manchester Urology Consultant will go through all of the results to see if a biopsy is required.  If a biopsy is required then the MRI scan will help determine the type of biopsy.  This includes Transperineal Template Prostate Biopsies, Transperineal MR Fusion Targeted Prostate Biopsies or a combination of both.

Download the patient information sheet here.