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Sometimes known as:

Re-do circumcision, revision of circumcision, circumcision revision, revision of preputioplasty, 

What is it?

This is an operation that requires a patient to undergo a repeat procedure after already having had either a circumcision or similar procedure to release the head of the penis.

Before Revision of Circumcision images


After Revision of Circumcision images



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Why is it done?

Patients often require or seek a revision procedure due to less than satisfactory results from the original procedure. Common reason include:
•    Unsatisfactory cosmetic appearance
•    Skin tightness
•    Too much residual foreskin
•    Bridging of the skin (either between the abdomen and the penis, or the penis and scrotum, or both)
•    Abnormal scarring
•    Infection following the initial procedure
•    Buried stitches that can be uncomfortable or palpable
•    Odema of the shaft skin
•    Buried penis

How is it done?

The aim of the procedure is to treat the patients main concerns and allow them to return to normal sexual activity and function.  With this in mind and depending on the nature of the problem, techniques include revising the scar, removing excess skin, and grafting the penis (with skin from other areas of the body) to name a few. Its performed under general anaesthetic by one of our two leading andrologists and the vast majority of our patients go home the same day.

How much does it cost?

Prices vary depending on the nature of what is planned and subsequent recovery. To find out more please contact Manchester Urology at or phone 03337720768

What can you expect?

We at Manchester Urology have the highest volume and most established Andrologists (Male reproductive and sexual health surgeons) in the North of England. They specialise in ensuring your concerns are addressed to deliver the best in surgical outcomes.