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How does a penile prosthesis work?

One of our patients performs inflation and deflation of his implant, just 6 weeks after surgery.

There is no doubt the best outcomes from Penile Implant surgery are achieved by high volume surgeons and teams. At Manchester Urology we are proud to have the highest volume infrapubic implant surgeons in the UK. Prof Ian Pearce and Mr Vaibhav Modgil are leading experts, educators, and researchers in this highly specialised area of surgery. 


What is a penile implant/prosthesis?

A Penile implant is a mechanical device that’s inserted inside the penis to allow men to develop a rigid penis, when they want for as long as they want to allow them to engage in sexual activity. These devices are most commonly used for men with erectile dysfunction (who have often unsuccessfully tried other treatments). These devices are also used in men with curvature of the penis (Peyronie’s disease).

As men age, their ability to obtain and sustain an erection sufficient for sexual function diminishes and other factors such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and certain medications can all contribute to the loss of a man’s erection and sexual function.

Why you (the patient) must ask your surgeon how many such cases they perform every year

To put it simply: the more of these cases your surgeon does, the better the patient outcome. 

Penile implant surgery is highly specialised. Here at Manchester Urology we are the highest volume infrapubic penile implant surgeons in the UK. Our surgeons are specialised and more experienced in infrapubic penile implant surgery than any other in the UK. Our surgeons take on average 60 minutes or less to perform this surgery. They will ensure your surgery and subsequent recovery is as smooth as possible. We know from several studies that the more your surgeon performs this procedure the better the outcome for the patient. In the event that a patient develops a complication from surgery, we also ensure a member of our team is always available to look after you, with years of experience to help them make robust clinical decisions in your best interest.

Types of Penile implant

The two most commonly used penile implants are semi-rigid, and inflatable implants. Both are inserted under regional or general anaesthetic, and usually require a one night hospital stay. Our specialised team occasionally perform day-case procedures too if they feel it is appropriate (having been the first team ever to do this in the national health service).

Semi-rigid/malleable implants: These devices allow a man to develop a rigid penis which is adequate for sexual activity when you want for as long as you want. The penis remains in a semi-rigid state at all times, and can simply be directed upwards/downwards when a patient choses to do so.

Inflatable implants: These are most commonly inserted devices in the UK. They consist of a three piece device that allow a man to inflate the device as when they chose for as long as they want. The implants consists of a reservoir (which sits in the abdomen), two cylinders (in the penis), and a pump (in the scrotum) which allows the patient to inflate and deflate the device.

What can a penile prosthesis do?

A penile prosthesis can offer a man a return to sexual activity by restoring rigidity to his penis. Whilst penile sensation may decline slightly following surgery, most men are able to ejaculate and achieve orgasm with a penile prosthesis and patient and partner satisfaction is in the region of 95%.

Having a penile prosthesis allows a man to achieve a rigid erection at any time, as often as he wishes and for as long as he wishes. The act of restoring rigidity with a penile prosthesis is purely mechanical and not reliant on hormone levels, desire or stimulation.

What will a penile prosthesis NOT do?

A penile implant will not give a man a longer or wider penis. It will simply allow the penis to become rigid and adequate for sexual activity.

Surgical technique

At Manchester Urology we offer both the infrapubic and peno-scrotal technique. We were the pioneering surgeons in the high volume infrapubic implant surgery in the UK. We are also a training centre for this technique with surgeons from around the world visiting us to learn from our experience.

The peno-scrotal technique is also offered in cases where our surgeons, after discussion with our patients, feel it is appropriate. Our surgeons are trained in both techniques having performed vast numbers of such cases, both as primary band revision operations.

After surgery

You will be carefully followed up by our dedicated implant team to ensure your concerns and worries are addressed along the way. We will routinely see you at 2 and 6 weeks, as well as 3, 6 and 12 months to ensure you are comfortable and able to use your device without hesitation.
We also offer a walk in service for patient within 24 hours of making contact with our team.

Risks of penile implant surgery

As with any surgery, there are risks involved in penile implants surgery. Our surgeons will carefully take you through risks on an individual basis, as not one size fits all.
The commonly mentioned risks of the procedure include infection, device malfunction, erosion of the implant, and post-operative discomfort. Due the high volume of these operations our surgeons perform our data shows these are very rare in patients we have operated on.

Cost of Penile implant surgery

After careful consultation and examination by our surgeons if you decide to undergo penile implant surgery we will be able to direct you to our admin team to explore cost. We offer 0% finance for 12 months, as well payments that can be spread across 5 years. For more details, please ask your surgeon to direct you to our admin team.