Manchester Urology

We are wholly committed to providing high levels of service in the assessment and treatment of all urological diseases and conditions

Manchester Urologists

Bringing together urology specialists with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Offering patients treatment and support from initial assessment through to treatment and after care.

The consultants within the group represent all areas of sub-specialisation within Urology meaning we can offer a personalised assessment, diagnosis, treatment and after care of all urological conditions.

We were the first group offering laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery for kidney, prostatic and bladder cancer in the Greater Manchester area and the first to offer the green light technology for the treatment of an enlarged prostate.

The group has specialists in stone disease and female incontinence. We also have extensive experience in the assessment of men’s health problems including the inter-pretation of raised PSA and the newer PCA3 prostate cancer tests.

We are members of the largest urological unit in Greater Manchester and bring this joint working into the private sector to offer a unique approach to delivering urological care of the highest level.

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