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With Manchester Urology, you will be seen by our experienced surgeons with a specialist interest and proven track record in Peyronies Disease. You will be assessed with a detailed history and examination which, depending upon the stage of the disease, may also involve a stimulated erection with a penile injection. Your consultation will be helped if you are able to bring with you digital photographs of your erect penis from two directions showing the degree of curvature. Investigations will be selected according to the history given and a personalised management plan with detailed time frame will be determined and created for and with you.

All surgical options are offered and these are of three approved classifications

Plication Corporoplasty

This is the most common procedure performed to correct penile curvature in the UK. The procedure is performed under general anaesthetic with an overnight hospital stay and involves cutting the strong outer lining of the erection cylinders in the penis and suturing them in such a way as to correct the curvature. 
This operation results in a degree of penile length loss which is determined by the extent of the penile curvature corrected and the width of the erect penis. Your consultant will be able to guide you regarding how much length may be lost with this procedure.

Plaque incision and patch grafting

This procedure is the most complex and is reserved mainly for patients with significant penile curvature of greater than 60 degrees. This is performed under a general anaesthetic with an overnight hospital stay and involves dividing the penile lump ( plaque) causing the curvature and stitching a strong material ( usually the medically sterilised and processed lining of a cows heart) into the area. Length is preserved by this operation although the length lost as a result of the disease will not be restored.

Your consultant in Manchester Urology will be pleased to assess you and discuss all options with you so that you receive the appropriate and best treatment for you as an individual with any male sexual issue.



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