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In the UK we will diagnose almost 50,000 men each year with prostate cancer and almost 11,000 of them will die of it. It is a health issue but an equal health issue is the potential that we may be diagnosing men with prostate cancer that actually never needs treating. We also maybe pursuing treatments, biopsies for men that do not have cancer and they may undergo the risks of these invasive tests to be told all was fine at the end  of the day. The gold  standard assessment for prostate cancer or the prediction for prostate cancer at the moment is three different methods of assessment. It is a clinical history and examination, it is the prostate specific antigen blood test and it is using the latest multi-parametric MRI scanning techniques. Those three tests together can be done on the same day. At Manchester Urology we offer the ability to have a clinical assessment, a PSA blood test and the MRI scan and have those parameters combined to give you, on the same day as your consultation, an accurate assessment of your prostate cancer risk.